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Ashgabat To Bishkek

Tour Duration: 30 days
Prices From: AUD $2600.00
Local Payment: None
Tour Style: Basix
Group Size: Maximum of 19 travellers per group
Tour Code: KDOXC
Tour Transport: Overland vehicle


Follow the central Silk Road through Turkmenistan’s harshly beautiful deserts, Uzbekistan’s soaring mountain ranges and Kyrgyzstan’s sublime lakes. Travel to a land once home to brutal yet sophisticated khans and sultans, as well as the furthest reaches of the USSR. Offering the bold traveller a startling vision of Central Asian culture, from the futuristic Ashgabat to the relaxed charm of Bishkek, the central Silk Road journey is an enlightening experience full of memories to last a lifetime.

Tour Map

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Ashgabat

Start your Samarkand and Tamerlane’s Testament adventure among the futuristic architecture of Ashgabat. Spy the world's largest hand-woven rug or learn about the city's traumatic history at the Earthquake Museum.

Day 2 Darvaza

Sleep under the stars in the Karakum Desert. See the spectacular fires of the Darvaza Gas Crater.

Day 3 Bush Camp

Continue the Overland journey through the Karakum Desert, and take in the parched landscape of Asia's hottest desert.

Days 4-5 Khiva

Gaze up at the ancient walls surrounding Khiva and imagine how they once provided sanctuary for weary Silk Road travellers. Explore the historic and perfectly preserved Old Town, beautifully decorated in classic turquoise tiles.

Days 6-8 Bukhara

Get to know Central Asia's holiest city, where the combination of buildings spanning a thousand years and a thoroughly lived-in Old Town help create the awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Day 9 Nurata

Spend a night in a yurt camp with the local nomads, sleeping among the dunes of the Kyzylkhum Desert.

Days 10-12 Samarkand

Travel to one of Central Asia's most magical cities, Uzbekistan’s Samarkand. Discover the romance of the Silk Road in this perfectly preserved city full of exotic architecture and majestic buildings.

Days 13-15 Tashkent

Visit Tashkent’s thriving Chorsu Bazaar to pick up Soviet-style souvenirs and admire the ornately decorated Kukeldash Medressa.

Day 16 Kokand/Fergana City

Enter the Fergana Valley and see the palace of the former Khan of Kokand.

Day 17 Arslanbob

Make tracks across the Fergana Valley into Kyrgyzstan.

Days 18-20 Kyrgyz Fergana Valley

Take a leisurely three day journey through the stunning mountains and national parks of Kyrgyzstan's Fergana Valley.

Days 21-22 Song-Kol Lake

Spend the night in a yurt near Song-Kol Lake and join in a game of ulak-tartysh.

Day 23 Kochkor

Mingle with friendly locals and relish Kyrgyz hospitality while enjoying a homestay in Kochkor.

Days 24-25 Djety Oguz Valley

Admire the lofty sandstone cliffs in Djety Oguz Valley.

Day 26 Karakol

Discover the remote, picturesque town of Karakol, complete with quaint tree-lined streets and colonial houses.

Days 27-28 Chong Kemin National Park

Set off on a leisurely hike along Chong Kemin River - or if feeling adventurous, perhaps tackle one of the tough 4000 m passes.

Days 29-30 Bishkek

Relax on the final days in Bishek. Why not stroll through the city's markets and haggle for bargains. Alternatively, relaxing in an Oak Park cafe and reflecting on the adventure is another good option!

Tour Dates

Start DateEnd DatePrice
20 Apr 201419 May 2014$NaN AUD
04 May 201402 Jun 2014$NaN AUD
18 May 201416 Jun 2014$NaN AUD
08 Jun 201407 Jul 2014$NaN AUD
22 Jun 201421 Jul 2014$NaN AUD
06 Jul 201404 Aug 2014$NaN AUD

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