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Its Worth the Human Sacrifice

Prices From: $1932 AUD
Local Payment
Tour Code: GSMA
Tour Duration: 23
Countries Visited: Belize, Guatemala, Mexico

Local Payment will not apply to tours (other than African tours) after December 31st 2012.


Know your Mayans from your Aztecs:- Baby Aztec boys were presented with bows, arrows and a miniture chest shield. Girsl got a spindle, washing stone and a pot.- The Mayans had a ball game where members of the losing team were tied up and decapitated before having their heads rolled down the steps to the plaza floor below.- Mayans dangled objects in front of their babies to make them permanently cross-eyed.- When the Aztecs ran out of food they would eat their dead enemies.(Was Mayas & Aztecs)

Tour Map

Tour Itinerary

Day 1-3: Mexico City

Head to the massive (12 acre) main square for your street food fix. See if you can find the vendor selling tacos made from 15 different animal parts (ribs, stomach, tongue, brain, cheek, lips, eyeballs, throat etc.) You'll soon find out who the alpha male of your group is.

Day 4-6: Puebla - Oaxaca - Monte Alban

Puebla's famous for mole poblano - a sauce made with over 20 ingredients like chilli, chocolate, nuts and cinnamon. Fill your bag with painted wooden animals, woven rugs, embroidered clothing and pottery at the markets in Oaxaca ('wha-haw-kah').

Day 7-8: San Cristobal

If someone offers you a shot of mezcal, you had better be wearing your party pants. This stuff is like tequila's idiotic, hyperactive, slightly insane brother whose name you won't remember the next day. Goes down a treat with a plate of fried grasshoppers.

Day 9-10: Palenque

Indiana Jones wannabes take note - apparently only 10% of these Mayan ruins have been uncovered. Here's your chance to climb a pyramid in the middle of the jungle with the creepy sounds of howler monkeys as your soundtrack.

Day 11-15: Merida - Chichen Itza - Cancun

Cancun's divided into two parts. For the real Cancun, stay away from the hotel zone and head to the main city where the locals are friendlier, the drinks are stronger and the food is so spicy you'll regret boasting to your waiter: "Don't worry, I can handle it".

Day 16-18: Tulum - Caye Caulker

The next few days will involve some hard decisions. Where is the best spot on the beach to put your deck chair? Do you feel like tacos or tamales for lunch? Swim or snorkel? It's a tough life.

Day 19-20: Flores - Tikal Ruins

Roadways, marketplaces, jails, temples and palaces - it's all here. Well, it was here about 1500 years ago. Nowadays it's a little different, with a lot more jungle.

Day 21-23: Antigua

Panajachel, Chichicastenango, Casa Cakchiquel, Mashenos. We suggest you stuff your mouth with tortillas so you won't be asked to pronounce anything.

Tour Grade: Culture

Whether you’re taking in man’s greatest works at places like Petra or Angkor Wat, experiencing grand set-pieces like the Trans-Mongolian Railway or trying your hand at regional specialities like tango in Buenos Aires, getting to grips with local cultures is what travel’s all about. A few tips from a guide and a sense of adventure are pretty much all you need. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get the lowdown on high Tibet among Lhasa’s magisterial temples; follow up Delhi’s eye-popping bustle with a fix of its fiery food; and mix manic markets and Incan masterpieces in Peru.

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- Gecko's expert English-speaking regional leader throughout the tour, and local guides most sites. - Orientation walking tour in Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, San Cristobel, Palenque, Merida, Caye Caulker, Flores and Antigua. - Exploration of six archaeological ruin sites with local guides and entry included: Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, Palenque, the most famous Mayan site in Mexico - Chichen Itza, pre-Columbian walled city ruins of Tulum; and ancient city of Tikal. - Visit to indigenous highland villages near San Cristobal. - Time at the waterfalls of Agua Azul and Misol Ha. - Free time to relax on the beaches of Cancun and Caye Caulker. - Free time to explore Mexico City, Spanish colonial Puebla; Oaxaca, the 'White City' of Merida, and colonial town of Antigua. - Return speedboat ride from Belize City to the palm-fringed island of Caye Caulker. - Guided walk to the summit of one of the volcanoes near Antigua.

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Tour Dates

Start DateEnd DatePrice
18 Feb 201312 Mar 2013$1932
01 Apr 201323 Apr 2013$1932
15 Apr 201307 May 2013$2575
29 Apr 201321 May 2013$1932
13 May 201304 Jun 2013$2575
10 Jun 201302 Jul 2013$2575
24 Jun 201316 Jul 2013$2575
08 Jul 201330 Jul 2013$2575
22 Jul 201313 Aug 2013$2575
05 Aug 201327 Aug 2013$2575
19 Aug 201310 Sep 2013$2270
02 Sep 201324 Sep 2013$2270
16 Sep 201308 Oct 2013$2270
30 Sep 201322 Oct 2013$2270
14 Oct 201305 Nov 2013$2270
28 Oct 201319 Nov 2013$2575
11 Nov 201303 Dec 2013$2575
25 Nov 201317 Dec 2013$2575
09 Dec 201331 Dec 2013$2575
23 Dec 201314 Jan 2014$2575
06 Jan 201428 Jan 2014$2575
20 Jan 201411 Feb 2014$2575
03 Feb 201425 Feb 2014$2575
17 Feb 201411 Mar 2014$2575
03 Mar 201425 Mar 2014$2575
17 Mar 201408 Apr 2014$2575
07 Apr 201429 Apr 2014$2575
21 Apr 201413 May 2014$2575
05 May 201427 May 2014$2575
19 May 201410 Jun 2014$2575
02 Jun 201424 Jun 2014$2575
16 Jun 201408 Jul 2014$2575
30 Jun 201422 Jul 2014$2575
14 Jul 201405 Aug 2014$2575
28 Jul 201419 Aug 2014$2575
11 Aug 201402 Sep 2014$2575
25 Aug 201416 Sep 2014$2270
08 Sep 201430 Sep 2014$2270
22 Sep 201414 Oct 2014$2270
06 Oct 201428 Oct 2014$2270
20 Oct 201411 Nov 2014$2270
03 Nov 201425 Nov 2014$2575
17 Nov 201409 Dec 2014$2575
01 Dec 201423 Dec 2014$2575
15 Dec 201406 Jan 2015$2575

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